Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's in Your Purse?

Ok, so...My hubby is forever asking me, "WHAT'S IN YOUR PURSE?" Not because it's heavy but because there's generally a ton of stuff in it!!! I had a dream that made me laugh when I woke up...Here is my simple and strange dream: I was talking with Becky from the Organizing Made Fun blog and she asked me if I had a rubberband, and presto! I had one in my purse. End dream! lol...
A seemingly pointless dream, i know...But it made me think about what IS in my purse? So, I looked and here's what I found:
A safety pin, 2 paperclips, a broken earring, a toy car, a strawberry shortcake doll (mini), 4 hair bands, 3 pens, some candy/gum wrappers, ATM receipts, my wallet, a church bulletin, my Don't Make Me Count to Three book by Ginger Plowman, a gluestick (?!), my pocket ESV Bible and some loose jelly beans!
I got to thinking; I can be a blessing to others even by what I carry in my purse! I can add some tissue in there, I know that would be a blessing to my own family! And I think I'll exchange the wrappers for a band aid!!
If I am purposeful with what I have in my purse, I am thinking of others potential needs and may be able to help them.. i.e., give the sneezing girl in church a tissue, or have a band-aid for my kiddos when they fall and scrape themselves while we're away from the house...
Col 3:17 Whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.


  1. LOVE the perspective! Great way to look at it! I know I am the go-to pharmacist and pen lady!

  2. Thanks! Good thing to add--Motrin! Thanks for the thought :)

  3. Oh, you gotta watch out for that Becky girl ;) I'm so glad I'm in your dreams now!! Very cute...good perspective, too! But, all importantly, is it organized in your purse?

  4. Of course Becky!! I'll have to take a picture! :) Isn't it funny that you were the one asking me for the rubberband!?! Maybe I was feeling deep down like I had better get organized or something...