Wednesday, July 28, 2010

first things first

Hey Moms, today i want to share something heavy on my heart as I try to help a friend through a tough time with her family/kiddos. As Moms, our first priority is in our home; our husbands and our children. Titus 2 tells us to be workers at home. Now, this does not mean as Moms we cannot be employed or serve outside the home. It does mean, however, that our first priority is in our own home and to our own children..What a blessing this truly is!! We cannot serve-even in the church-(gasp!) if it is to the neglect of our husband or children.
There is an amazingly helpful book written by Carolyn Mahaney, titled A Feminine Appeal. In the chapter, The Honor of Working at Home, she poses these questions to ask ourselves regarding the decision to serve or work outside the home:
1. What are my reasons for considering this opportunity? Are they selfish or God-honoring?
2. Will pursuing this venture glorify God and honor the gospel?
3. Is this an undertaking that will help my husband?
4. Will it enhance and enrich the lives of my family?
5. Does this endeavor hinder my role as caretaker of my home?

Remember, seasons change. We have the season of no babies, where we can serve a lot and be a huge blessing to others in a different season. Then comes the season of little ones who need a ton of our attention-this season may last longer for some than others ;) Then seasons again change back and forth where we have more or less time to serve. Then were empty nesters, and back to the season of helping other young Moms-not my idea, but God's design :)
I hope you are blessed as you are reminded you don't have to do it all and i pray you are encouraged to keep your own hubby and precious kiddos your first priority. May our prayer be for our homes to be a haven of rest for our hubby and children-a place where the gospel is proclaimed, and we train our children in righteousness for God's glory!
hugs, jenny

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  1. Love that book! I need to read it again - I think I gave my copy away though! It was the right timing for me to start "making some money" about four years ago by teaching piano lessons - I have been able to do so now while the kids are at school and before my hubby is even home. He doesn't even notice any difference in the way our household is run - that was my goal! It's been a great way to have a little extra money for things without neglecting my family!