Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Noelle

Our sweet & hilarious girl turned 5 this week!!!!! (How did my baby get so old?) Here are a few fun facts about our girl:
Favorite color: purple & pink
Favorite food: Chinese
Nicknames: Noellie, Wellie, Well
Favorite playtime: Dollies!
Favorite place to go: The mall (I had to laugh at this...recently she asked me if i got her shoes which were Converse at Macy's, i said no and she said she thought they were from Macy's because of the star! lol.)
Noelle is a hoot!! Some of my favorite things she has said are:
"I wish I could make a snowman but we don't have any carrots. Well, we could get carrots but we don't have any snow".
During a tickle fest with Daddy, she said, "If you tickle me again, I will call the police! I'll push 9 and then the police!"
In response to her friend admiring her toy, she said, "you have to ask your mom for one everyday then maybe you'll get one for Christmas"...
She writes "I (heart) mom" on everything, which of course i love!
This girl is ALIVE!!! She loves to play, and she loves to go to the beach and look at all of God's creations!! She is such a joy to be around, ALWAYS ALWAYS dancing!!! Even in her walking, she has a dance in her step! I say she is sweet & spicy; small and mighty!
Thank you Lord for my Noelle, I pray that you will save her at an early age and that she will love you all of her days & live her life for you!

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