Friday, April 30, 2010

God's Grace is Sufficient

Have you ever felt tired? I don’t mean tired as in you went to bed late and got up early…I mean just tired. Like if you have to do one more thing for one more person, you may just loose it? I have felt that way before. Maybe that’s something a lady shouldn’t admit. Well, here’s to all the ladies that have felt that way but won’t admit it. GOD’S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!!! (2 Co. 12:9) God gives us the exact amount of grace we need for every circumstance-no more and no less! He will never give us more than we can handle. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but because we know that God’s word is true, than this is true. I think of the mother/child relationship here because our children constantly need us to help them. As moms we are to love our children (Titus 2:4). That is a given for me, I absolutely adore my children. I love spending time with them, training them in righteousness and I could talk about them nonstop-sometimes I do. But you know, when I am trying to make dinner and the kids are arguing with each other and one acts out in anger and hurts the other, I can be tempted to roll my eyes, *sigh* and abruptly say “stop it, go sit on your beds!” But I am doing my children harm if that is what I do. In Deuteronomy 6:7 we are told to teach them diligently when we sit in our house and walk by the way. (This includes when I am interrupted in making dinner). I must stop to take the time to actively love and shepherd my precious children. Getting to the heart of their behavior and not merely stopping the current problem takes time and it can be tiring. A mom once said to me, “If I stop to take that time, that’s all I will do ALL DAY!” Yes, is my answer-there are days when most of what I do is teach them diligently. That is why I began this blog with the question, “Do you ever get tired”? Remember His grace is sufficient. As moms, let’s be sure to be encouraging one another in the word; we are on this pilgrimage together. And don't forget to take the time to teach them diligently.

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